Getting the words right for professional publications

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a publisher…

Publishers produce the books you see in bookshops, right? In fact, these companies are a tiny fraction of the number of companies and individuals publishing material today. Many more have to produce:

  • reports on commercial or organisational activities
  • training materials for their own or other companies’ staff
  • articles for professional or academic journals
  • panel texts for exhibitions and trade shows
  • corporate material for websites
  • official communications with employees, clients, customers, trade or regulatory bodies
  • marketing materials and instruction manuals
  • and more…

In every case, it is vital that the text is clear, concise and not misleading. This can be difficult or impossible to judge when you or your team have written it: you already know what it means! Yet you are the people who know the subject best and are best placed to write about it.


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