Getting the words right for professional publications

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How will you get your message out there – on a website, as a downloadable PDF, as a printed publication?

Once the words are right, presentation becomes crucial. How your text is laid out, on the screen or page, will determine how inviting it looks to the intended reader. Badly designed text can put people off before they have had a chance to read it properly.

If you have your own preferred designers, Genesys can work with them to ensure that the finished text does the job you want. If not, Genesys can provide the services of experienced designers who can make your text look interesting and readable from the first glance. Good design doesn’t shout about itself – it is the almost invisible hand that guides the reader through the text.

If you are producing publications, Genesys can project manage these through all stages of production through to delivery of reports, webpages, corporate blogs, presentations, books, booklets, loose-leaf texts in ring binders: whatever you require.