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Do you need to produce open learning or distance learning materials for staff training?

This is a specialised area in which Genesys has been engaged for many years. Learning independently, without going to workshops or classes, is demanding and yet it is often the only option where learners are spread out around the country or even the planet. For some, English may be a second language, so that clarity becomes even more important than for native English speakers.

Open and distance learners (the latter may have some contact with a tutor, perhaps attending occasional workshops, while the former are completely independent) need to be guided carefully through a text. The also need to be be fully engaged – not simply reading and absorbing facts, but actively undertaking tasks that relate to their work experience, as part of the learning process. Training is not just about gaining knowledge – it is about acquiring skills applicable in the workplace.

Learners need to feel sure that they have mastered each topic before they go on to the next. Text must be written to ensure that they can test themselves and know when they have ‘got it right’.

Genesys can help with the writing, editing and design of open and distance learning materials, particularly in relation to financial and business subjects.