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Do you need copy editing or proofreading?

Both these terms are used a lot. What is the difference?

Copy editing is done as described in ‘What will the editor do?’, straight after text has been written, before it is typeset.

Proofreading is done after typesetting. The purpose is to check that all the copy editor’s changes, as agreed with you, have been made, that the correct heading styles have been imposed, that no errors have crept in during the typesetting process and that the text generally looks good. Any errors missed by the copy editor, or that have crept in when the author was attending to the copy editor’s queries, should be corrected at this stage.

How long will it take?

That will depend on the job – but we understand that deadlines are important and that schedules often need to fit with a variety of personnel and circumstances.

What will it cost?

What is the cost of getting it wrong? The cost of getting it right is modest by comparison. We can supply estimates that are based on what you need.