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Do you already have an in-house publications team?

A substantial organisation that produces a lot of published materials will have a team to deal with this. They may, however, be overloaded at times, so what happens when there is a tight deadline and no one is available internally? Stressed staff may not be able to give every job the attention it needs, yet a short-term problem does not justify taking on additional personnel.

Illness, maternity leave, a sudden requirement for more work than usual, urgent tasks and tight deadlines can all result in extra pressure, but the need for high quality is not diminished by a lack of people to ensure it. Genesys can help you to get through a difficult patch, working with your in-house team to relieve them of that extra pressure.

Perhaps there is a short-term or ‘one-off’ need for a particular skill – a foreign language, maths checking, specialist technical knowledge. With a range of contacts and suppliers, Genesys can often help to fill these gaps.